Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sep 29, 2021
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Hello, Warriors! Thank you for taking time out of your active schedule to visit The Breast Place blog. Welcome! We hope you’re feeling well and taking advantage of the wonderful fall weather gracing our lovely city.

Hello, Warriors! Thank you for taking time out of your active schedule to visit The Breast Place blog. Welcome! We hope you’re feeling well and taking advantage of the wonderful fall weather gracing our lovely city. If this is your first visit to The Breast Place blog, we cover a range of topics here. From breast cancer management to anti-aging skin treatments to helpful tips for maximizing your overall health and wellness, The Breast Place is committed to sharing the best health practices and treatment options with you! 

Our previous posts about male breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery are available for your reading pleasure! Increasing awareness for male breast cancer, as well as identifying the differences in how male breast cancer presents in comparison to female breast cancer, is part of our attempt to catch cancer early. That’s what Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about! Likewise, informing women of their reconstruction options post-mastectomy, as well as reminding women of the communities available for sharing their experiences, is part of our attempt to support survivors. If you’re interested in those efforts or know someone you might benefit from those articles, definitely give them a read! 

Today, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to take a closer look at how this observance was formed, its history, and who this observance has helped. After a brief history lesson, stick around for a few interesting statistics and ways you can help support the numerous charities operating this October. As well, we’d like to remind you that Botox for Breasts is currently running a charitable promotion which The Breast Place is taking part in. For every unit of Botox, one dollar will be donated to help support breast cancer survivors! We hope to see you in the office soon! 

Without further ado, let’s discover how Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created!

The History Behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also known as NBCAM, is an observance recognized worldwide annually. Various charities band together every October to raise money for continued research and treatment development. While finding a cure for breast cancer is the ultimate goal, the month also serves to increase awareness for breast cancer, encourage preventative measures, and increase the number of early diagnosis. The awareness part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotes self-breast exams and breast imaging, which increases men and women’s likelihood of being diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. This, in turn, can save lives. 

Founded in 1985, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a relatively new addition to the list of national observances. Developed by the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of what is now AstraZeneca, both institutions sought to make mammograms a staple in the fight against breast cancer. 

Where does the pink ribbon come in? The pink ribbon which is commonly associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month actually wasn’t introduced until later. First, in 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, currently the largest breast cancer organization in the United States, passed out pink ribbons at a race for breast cancer survivors in New York City. Then, in 1993, the Senior Corporate Vice President of Estée Lauder, Evelyn Lauder, founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The pink ribbon began as a symbol for this specific institution. As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month gained popularity and notoriety, the pink ribbon became a symbol for the movement and has been used by companies to show support for breast cancer charities. It is also used to celebrate survivors and remember those who have been lost to breast cancer. 

Every year, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in a host of ways. In 2010, Delta Air Lines painted a Boeing 767-432ER with the pink ribbon. In 2017, the White House was lit pink in honor of the observance. Similarly, in 2011, 10 Downing Street (where the British Prime Minister lives and works) was illuminated pink. The National Football League in the United States outfit their field with pink lines, while comic strip artists use pink for one day of the month. These pink promotions bring further awareness to the month and remind people to volunteer! 

In the later part of this article, we’ll name a few ways you can give to charity in October to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The Statistics Concerning Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness Month being to educate people about early detection and promote breast health, has the observance actually had any impact on breast cancer survival? We’re happy to be able to say… Yes, it has! The rate of death among breast cancer patients has been steadily declining since 1990, in part because of increased awareness, increased screening, and better treatment options. While breast cancer is still the most common cancer diagnosed in women (after skin cancer), 63% of cases are diagnosed in the localized stage. And, because the cancer has not spread, the five-year survival rate is 99%. That’s amazing! The rate of death from breast cancer among women fifty and over has declined at an even more rapid rate than for those under fifty. We hope this trend continues!

A study into the effect of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a private hospital yielded interesting results! The study was split into two groups: women who sought screening between the months of February and September and those who sought screenings in the month of October. These two groups were referred to as the non-BCAM group and BCAM group, respectively. The non-BCAM group, with 69 women, was half the size of the BCAM group, with 129 women. The study concluded public awareness campaigns do lead to an increased rate of screening. However, they also pointed out, with routine screening programs becoming more widespread, this may not make much of a difference in the rate of diagnosis. Which is really the goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

Ways You Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There are so many wonderful ways you can support Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October. (Although, there’s no rule that says you can't do it all year!) Most people associate the month with charity walks and runs. These races rely on donations to raise funds for research and the development of improved breast cancer treatments. If you’re physically and financially able, you may be able to contribute your time or money to these events! Or, if you prefer to just give money, there are dozens of charities who will use your dollars to fund necessary initiatives. If you aren’t physically or financially able to donate your time or money, no worries! There are other ways for you to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

First: wear pink! It’s all about awareness in October and you increase awareness by wearing clothes associated with breast cancer. Read up on breast cancer. Equip yourself with information. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women. Every 2 minutes, a female is diagnosed with breast cancer. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. Only 5-10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history. Speak with your friends about regular screenings. Demystify the act of going to the doctor, performing a self-exam, and having a mammogram for those you love. 

You can also volunteer with the American Cancer Society (ACS) or another program to help increase breast cancer awareness in your local community. If you know someone with cancer, help make their lives a bit easier by organizing meal deliveries or rides to appointments. Be sure to ask first! Listen to the experiences of breast cancer survivors and those who have lost someone to breast cancer with an open mind and a kind heart. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for everyone to come together, as a community, and uplift those who are currently struggling or have struggled with breast cancer. As we fight towards a cure, there’s things we can do to help others stay healthy and live long lives. We hope you’ll do your part this October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Of course, The Breast Place is committed to increased breast cancer awareness. That’s why we offer free consultations with our highly trained staff and advanced breast imaging services. We also offer family history and genetic testing services through AmbryCARE, for those who have a history of breast cancer in their family and believe that may be predisposed to genetic mutations. Our kind staff are here to help walk you through every step of the way. Give us a call or fill out one of the contact forms scattered around our website and we’ll be in touch! Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll return for our future articles!